On this page, you'll find the programs i made. All programs are available from the downloads page, except those that say "currently under development". For more information about the programs, click on the program title to view the Readme document.
Do not ask me about release dates for programs that are under development as i won't commit myself to a release schedule. Just trust me in that i promise to finish them as soon as possible.

Lords of the Bytes programs

This section contains the programs i made that are released as part of Lords of the Bytes.

UB-MFE - Unfinished Business Map-File Editor - beta 3

UB-MFE lets users modify JA2:UB map-files by replacing bloodcats with civilians, NPC's, RPC's, militia, bugs, cows, crows, Madlab's Robot, Hamous' ice-cream truck, Dave's Hummer, hicks and both enemy and militia tanks.

JA2SLF - SLF extraction and creation program - currently in development

JA2SLF is windows program that allows users to extract files from SLF files. It will also let users create their own SLF files.

Personal programs

This section contains programs i made that are not part of Lords of the Bytes.
I made some of these programs as "programming exercises". That means i thought to myself: "Lets see if i can make that too". These programs are not meant as competitors to the other programs, they are presented here to give users an alternative.
Other programs are placed here because i just felt like making them. They are intended to make some otherwise difficult and labor intensive processes easier.
Some of these program may finally end up in the Lords of the Bytes section, but for now they remain here.

IMP-Editor - Custom IMP-merc editor

I saw Toxic's JA2CME and liked to try making such a program myself. So here it is. Same funcions, different user interface.

EDT-editor - EDT-file editor - development halted

I saw Linx' JA2BE (Biography Editor), but what i really wanted was a program that could edit the e-mails in the game as well as the biographies (and other *.edt files as well, since the structures of these files are pretty much the same). After i started it i read on the LotB forum that Linx was also working on such an editor (JA2EDT), so i stopped working on it. Perhaps some day i'll finish it.

Other programs

ProEdit (copyright by Sir-tech Canada Ltd.) - Character Profile Editor

A small program with large capabilities. This is a program Sir-tech included (but hidden in 'BinaryData.slf') in the release of JA2:UB. It allows users to set anything from basic character statistics to otherwise hidden system values.