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Readme v. 1.0

by Roadkill


ProEdit is a character profile editor for Jagged Alliance 2 and Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business.
It was included in the 'binarydata.slf' file in the release of JA2:UB.
The program is made by and copyright©1997 by Sir-tech Canada Ltd.

ProEdit is a relatively simple program to use, but very powerfull in the way it influences the game. You can use the program to create immensely strong mercs, determine the starting gear of the mercs, set their in-game appearance and a host of other options that determine character's behaviour in the game.
This Readme contains a short description of the functions available, however most of these arel pretty self explanatory.

One important thing to remember is that the settings in ProEdit are only used in new games, not in savegames.

Other languages
If you have another language version of JA (not US-English), you might want to extract the item description file in you language version for ease of use.
To do this you'll need a SLF ectraction program like JA2SLF (see the Programs page). Open the 'BinaryData.slf' file and extract 'ItemDesc.edt' (JA2) or 'ItmDsc25.edt' (JA2:UB). If you extracted the 'ItemDesc.edt' file from JA2, you'll have to rename it to 'ItmDsc25.edt' to be able to use it in ProEdit.
How to use the program files

To use the settings you created you'll have to create a folder under the '..\Data' folder in your JA2 or JA2UB installation folder. The new folder's name is 'BinaryData' so the folder structure will look like '..\Data\BinaryData'.
If you plan on using the program to alter JA2:UB, you'll only have to copy or move the 'ja25prof.dat' file to this folder.
When using the program to alter JA2, you'll first have to rename the 'ja25prof.dat' file to 'prof.dat' and then move or copy it to the BinaryData folder.
Remember that some of the characters in the game are different for JA2 and JA2:UB, so only use the correct files. Shifting the files around will result in incorrect character names and messed up animations.

The included 'JA2Pal.dat' doesn't have to be copied to the BinaryData folder, as this is not altered by ProEdit. It contains the color settings used in the 'System' section of ProEdit.
The 'ItmDsc25.edt' file (renamed to 'ItemDesc.edt' for JA2) contains the names of the items in the game (weapons, ammo, other items etc.) and is used by the 'Items' section of the program. This file can be altered by other programs (Linx' JA2EDT for instance). You'll only have to copy this file to the BinaryData folder if you've modified it. If you want to use a modified item description file in ProEdit, you'll have to copy this to the folder in which you installed ProEdit.

Merc List

In the top left you'll find a list with all available mercs, RPC's and NPC's. Amongst these you'll find some entries named PGMale and PGLady. These are the slots for your IMP merc. The slots are ordered in the way the voices are ordered in the game, so PGMale1 is male voice 1, PGMale2 is male voice 2 etc. You won't be able to change much about these, only the color of their clothes.

Known Properties

This is where all the 'real' changes are made. You can alter their name, statistics, salary and various other settings.
If you've played the game, you'll understand what the various statistic mean. One statistic that isn't used in the game is the 'Scientific' statistic, so there's no use in changing that.

One important thing to remember is that all characters have numbers. These are used in a number of programs, including the game itself. These numbers are displayed in front of the merc's name. If people refer to the character's number, this is the one they're talking about. Also notice that some characters have different numbers in JA2 and JA2:UB. Also, in JA2:UB some characters have been replaced by new characters.


The 'Hidden' section contains settings about how the characters act in the game and respond to different situations.

The ‘Sexist’ option controls whether the merc will respond negatively to members of the other sex.
‘Attitude’ and ‘Personality Trait’ are the ones you get in the result of the IMP test in JA2 after 3 days.
‘Skill Trait’ and ‘Skill Trait 2’ define the merc’s specialty. Here you can give the merc a specialty like Night Ops, AutoWeapons, Camouflaged etc. Setting both to the same makes them an expert in that specialty.
Have you noticed how mercs like Razor and Buzz require little sleep? This is controlled by the ‘Need for sleep’ option. The lower the value, the less sleep a merc needs.
In UB-MFE (see the Programs page) you can set the group option for civilians and tanks and such. For NPC’s and RPC’s you need to set the group affiliation in ProEdit under the ‘Civ group’ option. Most of these groups don't do much in the game, but the 'Hicks' group for instance, makes the character an enemy when they see you at night, or if the see you taking an item the belongs to them.
‘Buddies’ and ‘Hated’ are self evident, but take care when setting them, as the character also needs the necessary voice-files (see the 'Custom mercs' guide on the Guides page).
The ‘Sector’ and ‘Level’ options are used to make sure the character appears in the game after you inserted them into the map-files (by using UB-MFE, see the Progams page). Level 0 is ground level, level 1 is the first basement level and so on.
‘Town no care’ determines whether the town set in the ‘NPC town’ cares about the character getting killed by you. ‘Town no care’ set to ‘yes’ means the town doesn’t care and loyalty doesn’t drop when you kill them. This affectd the town set by the 'NPC Town' value.
The 'Merc-NPC approaches' values determine the effectiveness of the merc when talking to NPC's and RPC's before they are recruited using the different responses (Friendly, Threaten etc.) available in the dialog screens. Only hireable mercs have these values. The higher the value, the more effective the merc is when dealing with NPC's. The highest value available is 200.
The same principle applies to the 'NPC effect' values, but the other way around. These values determines the way NPC's and unrecruited RPC's react to the way your merc talks to them, and are only available to NPC's and RPC's. Notice that in JA2:UB, however, some of these values are also available to mercs. That is because in JA2:UB, some of the RPC's are replaced by MERC mercs. Again, the higher the value, the more effective the result is.

System info

The values in this section determine how the character will look in the game. Pretty simple: change the various color options to give the character the appearance you like, change the body-type to the animation to be used in the game.
The ‘Eyes X,Y’ and ‘Mouth X,Y’ values are used in the portrait animations. If you change the character’s pictures, you’ll need to change those to the values of the new portrait (see the 'Custom mercs' guide on the Guides page on how to do this).
The 'Vocal volume', 'Blink freq' and 'Expres freq' are the same for all characters in the game.


This is the easiest section. You use this section to change the items the character has on them in the game.
If you want the character to drop something when you kill them, select the 'drop' values after the items name.
You can add money the character has on him by setting the 'Balance' value.

Like i said in the introduction, most of these functions are self explanatory. I'ts just that i want to have a Readme document for all programs i put on my site, so i made one for ProEdit as well.
If you have any additions or comments, e-mail me at
Now go and have fun... Roadkill
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