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Readme v. 1.0

by Roadkill


Most of these values should speak for themselves, especially if you've played the game
before, but here's a quick runthrough:

- Open the Imp.dat file (in your ..\Ja2\Data folder)
- Edit the characteristics of your custom merc
- Save your IMP-merc to use him/her in the game
- Start a new game
- Enter 90210 as the code on the IMP-website
- Your merc has been created and added to your team

That's all there is to it.

Version 1.05 or higher

If you have Jagged Alliance version 1.05 (or higher) you have to do a little more work to do.
SirTech took out the 90210 ''feature'' in that version.
Here's how to get you custom to work:

- Download the JA2 v.1.03 decoded exe form Lords of the Bytes
- Copy the decoded exe to the JA2-folder
- Start a new game using the decoded exe and create your IMP-Merc (see above)
- Save and exit the game
- Start the game again using you normal exe and load the savegame.
- Your custom IMP merc will be there with all the stats you've selected.

OK, that should get you started.

Now go and have fun... Roadkill

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