This is the custom mercs page. Here i'll post the mercs i created and the mercs you send in.

I got this idea a few months ago when i saw the B.A. Baracus character Batman posted on the JA2DL website and thought it would be cool to make a pool of mercs people can pick up and use to make their campaign or just use in the game. To use the mercs, you can use the process described in the 'Custom Mercs' guide from the Guides page. That is also where you can get information about obtaining face and voice numbers.

Some of the mercs have a note saying that they are either not to be used as the basis for your own custom faces or they are not to be used out of context. See the submission guidelines for what this means. These notes are put here because their creator has expressed his/her wishes for these 'limitations'. Please respect their wishes in this.


Check the submission guidelines to see what you have to do to get your merc up here.

Send submissions to:


Chris/Imposter by Roadkill

Yes, this is one of the terrorists (the Canadian fellow, eh). I've created the missing files and he's now usable as a merc (AIM/MERC/IMP) or as a RPC replacing Dimitri.

Download merc version

Download RPC version (replacing Dimitri)

Dynamo by Roadkill

He's still the same Greg Duncan you all remember, he just doesn't have the bloodshot eyes anymore after you hire him (that always irritated me).

Download RPC version (replacing himself ;)

Well, there aren't any, really. Not yet anyway. But if you all get working, pretty soon we'll have a shitload of mercs to use in our campaigns.

Replacing RPC is a bit different from replacing AIM/MERC/IMP mercs. AIM/MERC/IMP characters all have 1 set of X/Y coördinates for the eyes and mouth positions that can be set in ProEdit. RPC's have 2 sets: one for the large portrait (when they aren't recruited yet) and one for the small portrait (when they're on your team). ProEdit only displayes the large portrait coördinates. For the new merc to be usable as a RPC the faces have to be reconstructed to fit a specific RPC.
That's why there are different links for the RPC versions replacing different RPC's.
Using these faces for any other RPC than the one they have been created for will result in the eyes and mouth moving around on the face, so use them only for that specific RPC.