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1. All submitted customs should be made by yourself;
2. All mercs submitted become public property. That means that by sending them in, they may be used by everyone;
3. When using a merc posted here for a campaign, the original creator should be credited for it. In the Readme accompanying the campaign, there should be something like "merc X created by PersonY";
4. Faces should be usable for the creation of custom mercs. This means for AIM, MERC and IMP mercs 4 faces should be available: regular face xxx.sti, bigface xxx.sti, 33-face xxx.sti and 65-face xxx.sti. For RPC's there should be 3 faces in addition to the 4 merc faces: Bxxx.sti face, 33-face Bxxx.sti and 65-face Bxxx.sti;
7. Everything must be done in good taste;
8. If you break any of these rules or if you violate someone's copyright (for their new face files) you will be banned from here;
9. Most importantly: final decissions about all of this are made by me. I'll have the final sayso about wether your merc gets posted here. It's my website after all.

Submission contents

Your submission should contain the following:

The pictures for your merc in STI format. The face should comply with the rules above. Also supply the eyes and mouth positions to be used in ProEdit. For RPC's supply the name of the character it's designed to replace.

If you want to:
One text document ('nickname.txt', made in Notepad for instance) containing:
- an original biography of your merc. Make this to confirm with the style of the AIM and MERC biographies (biography + additional information)
- a list of ProEdit values (equipment, statistics, salary, bodytype etc.). See the ProEdit Readme on the Programs page for a short description of these values.

Note: Mention in the e-mail wether people are allowed to use your face as a basis to make their own customs (replacing another RPC for instance).
Also, if you supply a text document as described above you should mention wether people are allowed to disregard the supplied information and make their own merc biography, stats and such for you merc's face.
Remember that i have no control about what people do with the files once they've downloaded them onto their own computer. This system is based on trust and common courtesy. If people don't want their new files to be used 'out of context' or as the basis for your own customs, please respect their wishes and don't use these files for your own custom mercs. Violating this will be regarded as a violation of rule 1 and you will be banned.

How to submit

Very simple. Zip the submissions contents and send it to:

Put your forum nickname (LotB or BP) in that e-mail, these will be used to identify you as the merc's creator.

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