September 25, 2001

After 2 weeks of being offline in memory of the people who died in the attacks on the USA and to show support to their friends and families, i decided to put the site online again.
Of course none of us should forget these events, but life does go on.

Other news.
The site has been slightly altered because of problems when viewed with Netscape browsers. Netscape 4 still gives some problems, and i'll work on sorting them out. Netscape 6 seems to work fine, as do Internet Explorer versions 5 and 5.5.

September 11, 2001
Because of the events in the USA, will be offline for the time being.
September 7, 2001
As some of you may have noticed, the floodwave of new stuff has failed to materialize.
That's because i've been busy with a lot of other things. I'm currently working on the Bearpit Campaign 2 and things are quite busy both at work and on the homefront. A lot of time has also gone in working on an update for the Lords of the Bytes forum. We're testing out a new version of the forum software (Ikonboard v. 3) at the moment, and creating new graphics for the forum.
As soon as the majority of that has been done, i'll work on getting that floodwave going.
August 19, 2001

Uploaded website.
Programs available: UB-MFE (beta 3), IMP-Editor, ProEdit.
Guides available: Custom mercs, Merc table.
Customs available: Chris/Imposter, Dynamo.