On this page, you'll find the guides and documents i made. All of them are available for download from the download page.
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Technical guides
This section contains the step-by-step walkthroughs. There is only one of them for now, but i'm working on some more.
Note that for more experienced people, these guides will seem to state the obvious and look overly simple, however even experienced users may find something interesting in them.
The big plan is to make all these guides obsolete and replace them with programs that do the work for you. So, check the Programs page regularly for updates. Remember, however, that i'm only one person, and time is limited.

Custom mercs

Many people want to have more than 1 custom merc. That is possible (in a way) and this guide tells you how to do it.

Strategy guide

Strategy guide - currently in development

No Jagged Alliance site is complete without a strategy guide by the website's creator, so i am making one as well. Of course this is my personal strategy, and you may disagree with me completely about the things i suggest.

Other documents

Merc table

This is a list of all mercs and RPC's from both JA2 and JA2:UB. The information in this Excell 95 document is taken from the 'prof.dat' and 'ja25prof.dat' files used by the game. Showing it in a browser window would take too much scrolling to be of much use, so it is not available online. You can download it from the Downloads page.