In between a lot of things i am also working on a campaign of my own. Two campaigns actually as it consists of two parts, which for the moment are titled "Bitter Victory part 1 - Arulco Revisited" and "Bitter Victory part 2 - Traconia Revisited". As i'm also busy on a lot of other things these campaigns may take a while to complete, but i'll post any updates here on the website.

These campaigns will include new maps, new mercs, new NPC's, new RPC’s and new enemies, and a few familiar characters as well.

Bitter Victory part 1 - Arulco Revisited
As the title indicates, this is once again situated in Arulco. It is intended to be the same scope as Jagged Alliance 2: Deidranna Lives, as it will replace a lot of the sectors in the original JA2.
Bitter Victory part 2 - Traconia Revisited
This part of the campaign takes place in Traconia, though in a different part of the country than where the original JA2:UB campaign took place. This will be about the same size as Bearpit Campaign 2. It will consist of about 100 maps and have a non-lineair storyline, much like the original JA2.
The basic storyline is allready done, you can read it here. Of course, along the way some things will change, so the storyline presented here may not be exactly like the finished game.